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Did you know that Battersea relies entirely on donations to care for the thousands of lost, abandoned and unwanted animals who arrive at our gates every year?

By taking part in the Muddy Dog Challenge and raising money, you’ll help us continue to be here to give dogs and cats the love and care they need to find their forever home. Set up a JustGiving page and try some of our fundraising ideas and you’ll reach your £100 target in no time.


Online giving pages


The easiest way to fundraise is to set up an online giving page and share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

Use the links below to set up your JustGiving page today:



Check out our handy tools to help you reach your £100 fundraising target, they’re all downloadable and ready to print.


No one will be able to say no to those puppy dog eyes!

  • Offer to dog walk or dog sit – Why not raise money doing what you love doing and bring your dog along too?
  • Set up your JustGiving page from your dog – When you set up your JustGiving page, why not write the description as if it was written by your dog? You can include a really cute photo too! Scroll down this page to find the link for your event.
  • Celebrate your dog’s birthday – Set up a Facebook Donate campaign for your dog’s birthday.

Why not turn your usual get together into a fundraising activity? You’ll be doing good and having fun at the same time!

  • Pub quiz – Create a dog and cat themed quiz, you could include questions about Battersea to inspire your friends to donate. Download our Pup Quiz.
  • Cleansing with mud – Invite your friends round to try out some mud face packs to get you ready for the Muddy Dog Challenge. Ask everyone to donate for a spa goody bag.
  • Hold a themed movie night – Invite your friends and their dogs round to watch a dog themed movie night with bags of popcorn and dog treats. How about 101 Dalmatians or Homeward Bound?

Get your work colleagues involved or if you’re taking part with a child, they could do some fundraising at school!

  • Hold a sweepstake – Players donate £2 to play and choose a number. Once all numbers are taken, the lucky winner is revealed and receives a prize of the host’s choosing. Download our Battersea Sweepstake.
  • Guess my time – Ask people to guess how long it will take you and your dog to complete the Muddy Dog Challenge. Don’t forget to ask someone to time on you on the day! Download our Guess My Time sheet.
  • Dress down day with a difference – Encourage your colleagues or class mates to dress up as a famous dog for the day and show off their inner Beethoven or Bolt. If they aren’t feeling so brave they could draw on some whiskers or wear dog ears.
  • Cake sale – We all know everyone likes a sweet treat so take in some dog or cat shaped baked goods to sell. Nominate your very own Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood to judge. Download our dog and human treat recipe.
  • Hold a dog or cat treat sale – You can make your own treats or recycle unwanted toys and treats. Make sure everyone knows not to nibble the animal snacks themselves!
  • Take your dog to work – Ask people to donate to walk your four-legged friend during their lunch break. Don’t forget to check with your employer first!
  • Guess how many dog treats in a jar – Fill a jar with dog treats (or human treats) and ask everyone to guess how many there are in return for a donation. The winner will get the contents of the jar.
  • Muddy car wash – Charge a small fee to wash cars on your lunch break or at weekends.
  • Put a collection box in the kitchen or by your desk – Add a photo of you and your dog and explain why you’re doing the Muddy Dog Challenge. Email us at and we can send you a collection tin in the post.
  • Auction off your skills – How high will people bid for a weeks’ worth of tea marking, taking their early morning shift or walking their dog before work?
  • Display a certificate – Make sure you display a Muddy Dog Challenge certificate with your fundraising total on to show all your friends and colleagues how much they helped you raise. Download your certificate.


Make sure you tell everyone that you’re taking part in the Muddy Dog Challenge using social media. Shout about your challenge by simply updating your Facebook or Twitter page with one of our header images above. Whether you choose to do a post on Facebook or share a photo on Instagram, be sure to include a link to your JustGiving page. If you’re stuck for inspiration, please feel free to use our sample copy and photography below:

“On [DATE] my dog [NAME] and I are taking on Battersea’s Muddy Dog Challenge to raise money for abandoned cats and dogs. Every year, Battersea takes in around 7,000 animals and cares for them until they find loving new homes – and we want to raise as much money as possible to support their work. I’d really appreciate it if you could sponsor me here [LINK].”


Where will the money I raise go?


 The money you raise by taking part in the Muddy Dog Challenge will go towards the running of Battersea and the care of our dogs and cats. 

Why not share these facts with your donors and on your JustGiving page to encourage more donations?



could pay for a dog kennel for one day 



could pay for a dog enrichment package for one day




could pay for a cat rescue package for one cat



could pay for a dog rescue package for one dog


And some extra motivation...

If all of our Muddy Dog Challenge 2019 participants raised £134, this could pay for the care of all our dogs and all our cats for two whole months. 


Sending your money in

There are several options for you to choose from in order to send in your sponsorship money for Muddy Dog Challenge.

We ask that every adult human participant raises a minimum of £100 in sponsorship so that we can ensure as much money as possible goes towards helping our dogs and cats. You will be given up to one month after the event to complete your fundraising, so you do not need to have raised the full amount by event day. 


JustGiving page

If you have collected cash donations then you can pay them into your bank account and make a payment of that amount on your JustGiving page. This will then come to us automatically.



If you would like to send a cheque, please make it out to 'Battersea Dogs & Cats Home' and send it to 4 Battersea Park Road, London, SW8 4AA. Please include a money return form.  

Online transfer

If you would prefer to make an online bank transfer, please contact the team using the link below and we will provide our bank details as well as a unique reference to use.

card payment

You can also make a card payment by either completing a money return form with your card details or calling our Supporter Services Team on 020 7627 7883 to make payment. 


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